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I know that the Natuopathic therapy can help you feel better.  You need to keep going and getting worked on.

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> Subject: Treatment
> I am 23 years old and suffer from severe adhesion pain due to pelvic
> surgeries I have had in the past. My last doctor and nurse practitioner
> did not take this as serious as I did, because they were not in pain, so
> I decided to go to a new doctor. This is so far the best choice I have
> ever made. I went in completely stressed out, hopeless and in pain. He
> told me my traditional choices that any doctor would do surgery,
> hysterectomy ect.. But then began asking me every question under the
> sun from my daily activities, to what I eat, how I sleep and about what
> I do for myself. He began to talk about alternative medicines such as
> acupuncture and herbs, physical therapy, and about possible food
> allergies and immune issues I may have. He gave me referrals and
> business cards so that I can get on the ball to getting healthy he also
> ordered that i take at least 2 yoga or tia chi classes a week because
> stress can bring on severe adhesive pain. He spent at least an hour
> with me at this appointment and it was a dream come true. I wanted to
> share these ideas with other people to. When I called about the
> acupuncture/chinese medicine the lady said with a few sessions and herbs
> I should see a big difference in my pain and stress.

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