Living life the best I can

From: margi707 (
Fri Mar 28 20:19:38 2008

My name is margi & I have had adhesions for many years. After many surgeris & trips to doctors. They make you feel like it is in your head. I finally found support & a doctor who is willing to do the surgery, But I am trying to raise money for the expenses because I have to travel 6 hours to get there. I have had multiple surgeries and still in servere pain. I know someone who is doing everything she can to get people like us the help we need. Her name is Agusta, her website is she will try to help you in everyway possible. My email is Please anyone who is going through the suffering I am feel free to contact me. margi

I have 2 beautiful grandchildren whom I love to spend quality time with.
It is very hard to do without the pain.  But don't ever lose hope.  I'm
not.  There is help...  Don't give up!


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