Re: Suggestions for Relief of Adhesion Pain

From: kim (
Tue Mar 18 18:24:13 2008

At Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Cathy wrote: >
>Hi, I'm new to this site but have read enough where I see the cry for
>help and relief. I'd like to share some of the things I'm doing or am
>planning on doing in the hope that it will help someone.
>First of all, if you need to take any kind of narcotic pain relief, long
>term, please do your body (and your mind) a favor and take a stool
>softener. That was the first thing my doctor recommended after my
>surgery. I take an OTC product called Colase. This is a very expensive
>medication but at least Meijer makes a brand comparable for about 1/3
>the price of the name brand, and it works JUST AS WELL. I take one of
>these per day and have not had a bit of a problem.
>Secondly, I am experiencing a lot of back pain lately and all I can come
>up with is the fact that these little buggers attached to everything, so
>they probably attach to nerves, too, which probably travel outside the
>abdominal area and into the back, since it's pretty close. I use a
>heating pad constantly on my back and sometimes a cold gel pack and find
>great relief with both. If I'm planning on swimming or doing any kind
>of exercise (which a lot of time exaccerbates my pain, especially
>vacuuming), I take Motrin first (anti-inflammatory).
>Third, my doctor recommended (no more than) 400 mg of Vitamin E. This I
>take by mouth and the idea is that it softens the adhesions and makes
>them more pliable and when that happens, hopefully = less pain!
>Apparently, Vitamin E is not water soluable so you have to be very
>careful to NOT take more than one per day!
>Last, one more thing that I've heard of is a product called Zostrix, I
>think it's actually peppermint oil, and you apply it to the site(s) of
>your pain The idea is to rub a very thin coat on your skin, making sure
>you put it where you will not sweat because that will just make it wipe
>right off and it won't be effective. Apparently, you can get this at
>the pharmacy. I'm planning on trying that very soon and I'll do a
>response to this thread and let you know how it works.
>I'm not recommending anyone do any of this stuff without checking with
>their doctors, especially the medication suggestions but it's sure worth
>a try! Ok everything with your doc first, though, please!
>I'm 38 years old, have a husband and three kids and I'm dealing with the
>pain of adhesions on an every-day basis but I look forward to reading
>these postings and picking up new ideas to help cope. Thanks, everyone
>for sharing a part of yourselves that's pretty personal, and painful as
>well! Your thoughts and insights are invaluable to the people seeking
>help! Take Care and God Bless!
>--Cathy, After 3 c-sections, hysterectomy, andhesion laproscopy, and a
ovaryectomy I am again in debilitating pain with a bottle of vicadin. I have not found anyone who is dealing with adhesions so all I know is what the doctors tell me---which isn't a whole lot. I keep getting bounced around to different specialists even though I tell them what is wrong. I,m expecting that I will be living with this for the rest of my life, so I need to find the rescources to help me along. Drugs and surgery are not the answer. I'm going through a fashion crises (and I realize this is kinda silly) I cant wear anything tight against my abdomen. The only thing that works is loose stretch pants and empire dresses. I starting to become familiar with natural cures and appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks for sharing....Kim >Cathy in Michigan

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