free fluid in pelvic and abdominal cavities

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I have had fluid had fluid before my last surgery.  When I was opened up there was fluid and the adhesions were oozing in numerous spots.  Anytime I end up in the ER I am always told everything looks normal.  We all know different.   In a message dated 3/3/2008 6:04:46 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: Sender: (Jeanne) Subject: free fluid in pelvic and abdominal cavities

It's been a while since I've posted a message with a problem like this. I've been keeping up with everyone still...but now am in need again of some info myself.

My last surgery in 2006 was for my 20th bowel obstruction.  They did another resection, and took my last ovary due to the tissue not only being dead, but there were two growths on it.  A few months later, I started having a painful nagging in my lower right side.  I saw the surgeon and docs who said it was probably just post-op stuff, but ordered a CT.  The CT showed a small amount of free fluid, which again they said was probably just inflammation from the surgery, so we let it go, and said we'd watch it.

The pain came and went, sometimes worse than others, and we kept noting it.

I've had two partial obstructions since then that didn't require surgery, but it was my hospitalization last weekend that has thrown everyone for a loop.

I had a weekend of the usual vomiting, pain, etc that is the given signs of obstruction.  You couldn't have convinced me differently.  However, when I got to the ER, they said my xrays were clear...there was no evidence of obstruction.  I was relieved, but puzzled.  So they did the CT.  This wasn't clear.  This came up with a very LARGE amount of fluid, not only in the pelvic cavity but also up into the abdominal cavity. After seeing several docs this week, they are concerned, but puzzled as to where all this fluid is coming from.  The scan also picked up a distortion of my duodenum that's pushing it the opposite direction but they don't know if its the fluid doing this or adhesions.  So, the next step is a small bowel follow thru and then off to intervention radiology to drain some of this fluid to see what's in it to possibly determine where its coming from and if I'm in trouble here.

They say there's nothing now that shows evidence of cancer or anything like that.  I have 4 docs involved now...and it's a very complicated case they said.

Obviously I'm looking for anyone out there that has had anything like this and what your symptoms and outcome were.

My symptoms are nausea, decresed appetite, gnawing pain in/around diaphragm that pulls through to my back, fatigue, all over body aches, occasional vomiting, bm's mostly loose several times daily, and weight loss.

Thanks for listening and for the constant support everyone.

Jeanne S.

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