Re: Adhesions and Pain

From: dawn (
Tue Mar 18 16:47:10 2008

At Mon, 3 Mar 2008, nels wrote: >
>At Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Tiffany wrote:
>>Hi, I have had two cyst the size of grapefruits removed off my ovaries
>>six years ago. I am having severe pain on my right side around the
>>flank. Could this be a result of scar tissue? Can scar tissue be
>>detected on a CAT Scan?
>>Thank you.
>>I really need help here.
>Tiffany, yes it could be scar tissue(adhesions). And I had a CAT scan
>done not too long ago about a year after my abdominal surgery and it
>showed the adhesions. At least that is what my doctor said the problem
>was. Good luck at finding a doctor that will do anything more than give
>you pain meds for your pain.

Its not just good luck to find one. Dr Redan At celebration Hosp is there for just this. before going to the many surgeons that claim they can help try one that can. It was worth the trip, tax deductable medical expense. This website has all his info and CAPPS program info. Depending on where you live there may be other option, but before surgery check into options carefully. I know is sound like alot to travel to a DR> but the future of some free time of adhesions is that worth it. If it can be a longer timebetween, than most surgery and with out the severity of the regrowth when it does. D

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