adhesions? Help!?(COINCIDENCE!

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Also, grape gatorade will do it too.

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> I have had the whole blue green thing going on too...(and also weight
> I discovered the blue green was due to grape kool-aid. For some reason
> purple dye (or any soft drink dye, heck any kind of dye at all) can color
> your stools quite weirdly. Also, with some of us, since our bodies move
> food through so slowly it gives our intestines maximum calorie storing
> and places in the intestine where there is scarring don't absorb nutrients

> causing our metabolisms to go into starvation mode. That's what was > explained to me. It also explained even when I hadn't had grape kool-aid > for a week, i still had the adventures with blue green problem since the dye > > really had a chance to color up. > I don't know if this is your problem but maybe? You also might be getting a > > blockage which is why things have started slowing down so much. > Also some causes of blue green stools are various kinds of baterial > infections. Once again, since we don't move food through at a normal rate > we are at a higher risk for these kinds of infections. You might want to > check with your doctor! > > From: [] On Behalf Of > Kelly Murray > Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 11:17 PM > Subject: Re: adhesions? Help!?(COINCIDENCE! > > When I first started having problems with the adhesions,(which weren't > diagnosed yet) I would get a blue-green liquid discharge. I really didn't > know where it was coming from. Every time I mentioned it to a dr., they > would look at me like I was loco. > > One day I actually took a pad that had it one it to a Urologist that had > been treating me. He had nothing to say. I wonder if he thought I put food > coloring on it. I don't know but I believe now that since my intestine was > connected to my pelvic area, vaginal area that maybe there was a infection > or it was actually intestinal fluid. So know that you are not the only one. > Every once in a while now, I have it. > > From: IAS Admin (Tracy) To: Multiple recipients of list

ADHESIONSSent:Wednesday, February 06, 2008 6:02 PM > Sender: (tncutiekat) > Subject: adhesions? Help!? > > I had a hysterectomy years ago and have been told by my doctor that I > probably have adhesions. I have experienced adominal pain off and on > but recently I have become concerened. I get bloated after eating just > a small amount of food. If I eat too much I get severe pain in the > areas where I had surgery, including the sight of incision. I won't > have a bowel movement for days (sorry for being so descriptive) and when > I do it's usually horrible. The past two days it has been a bright > blue/green and has even turned the water in the commode this color. Has > anyone experienced this before? I am afraid to go back to the doctors > because I am afraid he will think I'm crazy. The last time I went in > for pain they told me that I should take ibuprofin and if it gets worse > to go back. I have also gained 10 lbs in the past month but have tried > to eat chicken and fish etc. Has anyone else experienced this? >

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