Re: Pelvic Pressure

From: Debbie (
Tue Feb 12 19:31:02 2008

Hi Kristie,

Greetings from a fellow resident of Stanislaus County!!

After reading your symptoms I had to reply and ask if you've been evaluated for cystocele, rectocele or enterocele.

The kind of pressure you describe can often be the result of a prolapsed bladder or even rectocele (rectal prolapse). The fact that you've had a hysterectomy, as I have, puts us at increased risk for cystocele (bladder prolapse) and prolapse of the rectum and small and large intestine. Some women report that they feel as if something is falling out.

You might want to ask your doc about these possibilities.

I'm no doc, just my .02 cents.

Best, Debbie

At Wed, 6 Feb 2008, Kristie wrote: >
>It's been forever since I have posted on here.
>I am doing much better than I have for years. I have had chronic pain
>in my left side for years. I did get trigger point injections and I
>don't know if that is what has helped. Who knows with these things?
>My question is this, although my pain on my side is better..I have such
>pressure in my vaginal area. I sometimes feel like I am trying to give
>birth to a watermelon. "My Vajay Jay is paining....."
>Since I have no uterus or ovaries or anything, why do I have so much
>Anyone else doing the same thing?
>I feel like I am trying to turn inside out.
>Best of luck to all..
>Kristie Turlock Ca

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