Re: Can't do anything anymore? ... adhesion pain.

From: Ms Lee (
Tue Feb 12 19:28:08 2008

Oh, Sarah Darling, I see myself in you! I was your age when my wonders and ponders began and it will get better Hon'...

We battle quality of life issues, we battle trying to "belong" in a social worlds with a sometimes embarrassing disease [bathroom needs]. Our relationships are strained, our employment threatened and the trying to be believed is a life long battle for some..


This disease robs of ENOUGH and we do not NEED to voluntary surrender any more quality of life than what has been taken from us.

Sometimes I think we self limit ourselves. Sometimes we spiritually give up. We all go there...


Sarah, you may want to think about applying for disability if you have enough work credits...your under a lot of pressure and you have to peel some of this off of you.

I believe in pain management, it gave my life back to me and made me x100 times more active.

Psychologists, love them...I kept the emotional torture to myself for decades when Docs did not believe created a PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome].

I lived fractured and in depression for years, felt isolated from disease sucked the life out of me.

Now in 2008, I am whole, I am pain managed and have been obstruction free for 1.5 years. I have been released from mental health clinics because I blossomed once I was pain managed in 2006.

In 2007 I won Social Securiy Disability as age 50, and won 100% Disability from Veterans Affairs. I no longer have to worry if I am going to lose my house because nobody will employ me.

This ARD road I traveled began at age 28 and finally stablized at age 50...

God Bless and God Love You Sarah, you have alot to live for! Make it happen.

>I'm a 28 year old female living in NE Pennsylvania.
>I have been dealing with pain from adhesions lately and am trying to
>figure out what to do.
>Nearly 2 years ago, I had my entire large intestine and rectum removed.
>They pulled my small intestine down and made a pouch which they attached
>to my sphincter muscles.

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