Pelvic Pressure

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Tue Feb 12 19:27:01 2008

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I often feel that way too. You described it very accuratly!!! It feels alot like the pressure you feel during labor when it is time to push. I wish I had some advice for you!!! Hang in there!!!

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It's been forever since I have posted on here. I am doing much better than I have for years. I have had chronic pain in my left side for years. I did get trigger point injections and I don't know if that is what has helped. Who knows with these things? My question is this, although my pain on my side is better..I have such pressure in my vaginal area. I sometimes feel like I am trying to give birth to a watermelon. "My Vajay Jay is paining....." Since I have no uterus or ovaries or anything, why do I have so much pressure? Anyone else doing the same thing? I feel like I am trying to turn inside out. Best of luck to all.. Kristie Turlock Ca

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