Re: Living with Adhesions

From: tncutiekat (
Tue Feb 12 19:23:23 2008

Hi! I too had a hysterectomy at 28. i had endo as well. I am now 36. I have experienced pain off and on and I was told to take ibuprofine when I experience pain but not to exceed 10 pills in a month because it will affect my liver. Like the ibuprofin even reduces the pain anyway. My liver will be fine. Hah! I have recently started gaining weight even though I have changed my diet. The only thing I think I can eat is soup. Everything else cause my stomache to swell up like a beach ball. Sometimes I don't have a bowel movement for days. Then after the waiting game is over it's horrible. Pain that slices into me, inside underneath my skin where the incisions were made. Lately, this sounds crude and does not paint the prettiest picture, my bowels have been a bright blue green and has turned the water this color. Then I have days where all I have is the opposite of zero bm's. I haven't eaten a whole lot of veggies because of the bloating so I know the color is not from that. Have you ever experienced this? I am thankful for the hysterectomy but no matter how much research I did on the operation nothing I read said anything about these adhesions. Which is worse...endo or the adhesions? I feel for you. I can't imagine. Is this what I have to look forward to? I am off to the doctors tomorrow but I don't know why. I don't get it either!

>I am seated in my recliner looking like I'm ready to give birth any day
>now. The sad part of this equation is, it's a normal occurrence in my
>life. I'm 46 and had a total hysterectomy at 28 because of severe endo
>and even more severe adhesions. And like so many of you, I've spent the
>better part of my life looking for that one magic surgery to cure me.
>I learned to live with the pain a long time ago once I came to realize
>that no matter how many times somebody went in and "cleaned me up", it
>wasn't going to take long before I needed another tidy up. And,unless
>you've got a doctor willing to operate on you over and over again, who's
>been inside your body and knows the condition beforehand, it's VIRTUALLY
>IMPOSSIBLE to convince another one to do so. And, though it saddens me
>to say it,I've come to the conclusion after seven abdominal
>surgeries,"surgery" really isn't the answer, anyway. As a matter of
>fact, it's almost a cruel thing we do to ourselves. We have those few
>months virtually pain free and just when we begin to believe that we've
>finally had the "magical surgery" or found a doctor who really did know
>how to fix us, that familiar tug comes back. As the weeks progress, it
>pulls harder and deeper, and starts to stab again, too. Just when our
>clothes are beginning to fit better our tummies start to balloon up
>again. For us,adhesions may hibernate...but they always find a way to
>wake up.
>In my experience which includes four states and the country of New
>Zealand, the reactions fall between "I don't believe adhesions cause
>pain or distention unless they are directly responsible for an
>obstruction. Or, "I don't doubt that adhesions are the root of your
>condition, but I don't touch them. "Personally, I respect the latter
>opinion more,though it does nothing for my physical pain, at least my
>integrity has not been wounded. As a side note, don't bother bringing
>your previous records, in an attempt to "prove" adhesions exist. Most
>"new doctors" in my experience, anyway, act as if they're offended by
>your evidence.
>My problem merits a rather unusual scenario,in that I'm petite and
>normally in good physical condition.(5'1" and around 110 pounds) When I
>get distended, I look very abnormal. Now, when this first started
>happening, it seemed like a good thing as I had an external symptom.
>But, I learned quickly, however, NOT TO visit the ER in this condition
>as they took one look and automatically assumed I had a bowel
>obstruction or a tumor. So, I would endure the same tests over and
>over...and over again. Or even worse, the decision would be made to
>insert an NG tube to "decompress". (FYI, if you've not had an NG tube
>and find yourself with the possibility, MAKE SURE you need it before you
>endure this horrible ordeal!)
>So, here I am, grossly distended without relief for three full weeks
>now. I am scheduled for CT tomorrow after having an obstruction series
>done last week. Those x-rays were normal,as I said they would be and
>the CT will be normal, too. (My thoughts were just interrupted by a
>call from hospital to confirm my appt. and to make sure I could pay the
>$200.00 registration fee required to have the test performed. Why AM I
>paying for this to be done again?!)
>My new doctor had put me on a powerful round of antibiotics. I've been
>given yet another IBS wonder drug. And, to his credit, he offered pain
>killer without my having to ask. (But, than again, how effective are
>the pills when you've got this kind of pain?) He's been gracious and
>agreed not to admit me into hospital yet since I spent 10 days
>hospitalized in another state this time last year with no surgery and no
>diagnosis. Again, I will credit him for that. I do see a bit of
>compassion in his eyes which somehow makes me feel better, in a weird

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