Physical therapy

From: Chele (
Tue Feb 12 19:20:46 2008


I am someone who has suffered from adhesions too and from it looks like I was lucky that my doctor figured it out fairly quickly. To make long story short- about a year ago my pain came back from adhesions with a vengence. Basically at first I thought I was headed straight to the hospital to see if I needed another surgey but my doctor did not want to operate because he knew it could become a neverending process. I had to start searching for alternatives. I learned quickly about going to physical therapy and using an approach called Myofascial release in the adbodminal and pelvic areas. My doctor wrote a script and I spent about 8 months going to PT. It seems to be working well as my pain has become alot less and I feel really well. I really want to get out there about finding about PT for ARD because it has made a difference in my life. My physical therapists were wonderful and really worked as a team to help me. My muscle movement increased greatly while pain decreased. You can look up myofascial release and call a PT to see if they have worked on anyone who has adhesions in the pelivic or abdominal area.

Feel free to ask me questions. No one should live in this kind of pain.


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