Treatment Questions

From: Deborah Goldberger (
Wed Feb 6 18:03:13 2008

Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions about possible treatment options I was hoping you could help me with. I have had 7 surgeries for endometriosis and adhesions. The last surgery showed no endo but many adhesions and all of the organs in the pelvic area were adhered to the pelvic walls. After this last surgery I was actually worse - I believe that the adhesions came right back.

My first question is about the Celebration Clinic in FL. I have heard great things about the Clinic and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they do there that is so successful and how it is different from what other doctors do. Because the last surgery made things so much worse, I am very reluctant to have any more surgeries, but my options are also very limited right now.

My second question is about the procedure where they implant a device under your skin that releases the medication directly into the fluid in the spinal cord area. I was told that if it works for you, you need less medication and there are less side effects b/c it is not going through your digestive system, etc. Has anyone had any experience with this procedure? Any thoughts on it?

Thank you! Debbie (NY)

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