Re: Dr. Redan is wonderful

From: Sarah (
Wed Feb 6 17:57:56 2008

At Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Ralph wrote: >
>At Wed, 11 Oct 2006, Sarah wrote:
>>Hi Sarah,
>I'm so glad to hear you are pain free. My husband is having surgery
>with Dr. Redan in Fl next month. We are looking for any insight or
>advise. Are you still pain free? We live in NJ and want to make sure
>it's worth the trip and the cost.
>Thanks so much,
>Ralph and Nicky
>>I have never posted a message on any message board before, but I have
>>read many of the messages on here. I have suffered from adhesions
>>related to my 2 c-sections. After multiple surgeries and infections, I
>>finally found Dr. Jay Redan. Thanks to these message boards, I
>>discovered I live relatively close to one of the best doctors in the
>>world. I have recently had surgery done by Dr. Redan and I am doing
>>great. I have never met such and compassionate and confident doctor. He
>>has personally called me on multiple occassions...even on the weekend
>>when I have a question. I felt like I owed it to this message board to
>>express my gratitude for leading me to Dr. Redan. I highly recommend
>>him to anyone in need of help with adhesions. Good luck everybody!

I am still pain free and doing great! No infections, no pain, just able to live a normal life again, thank God! I am glad you are seeking of luck to you! Sarah

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