Re: Any reviews on Dr. Redan and CAPPS?

From: dawn (
Wed Feb 6 17:57:12 2008

At Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Ralph wrote: >
>My husband is having surgery next month with Dr. Redan in Celebration,
>FL. He has been suffering for 3 years with abdominal adhesions, had his
>first surgery about 4 months ago, was pain free for 2 months and then
>the pain came back. We are looking for any insight from people who have
>had surgery with Dr. Redan, how the surgery was, did the pain come
>back, if so how long were you pain free. Is Dr. Redan the man to go
>to? We have also heard alot about Germany. Any advise would be so
>Thank You,
>Ralph and Nicky

Hi, I too am new to this message board, I am in the process of arranging my visit with Dr. Redan. The only other Dr. In the US are in Atlanta,NY, and california and the down fall with them is that they oney work with female pelvic issues and dont subscribe to ins carrier, but I have had the same surgeries with them and it works. for at least 5-7 yrs at a time. I have researched Dr Redan and thankfully he falls in the same category, and works on all genders. Keep us posted on your progress, Not to many people seem to be taking the trip to him but I feel that it will be worth it from what I have learned. Good healing P.S. the method to healing is to take it easy and follow the guidelines

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