Need a specialist in Pacific NW (and Q's re: bowel obstructions)...

From: J.J. (
Sun Jan 27 22:48:40 2008

Anyone know of a GI surgeon/specialist in the WA/OR/NoCA area that would be willing to do adhesiolysis for both severe intestinal AND mild gynecological adhesions? I'm coming down from Alaska, so I'm pretty flexible about where I'd end up for treatment. It just seems that I'd have to schedule two surgeries with two different specialists for the separate areas of my body that are affected by ARD.

Also, are there any folks out there that have a pretty bad cycle with partial bowel obstructions? Mine has progressed to the point that I literally look pregnant for the 4-5 days that I go without a BM (and 1-2 days without passing any gas, too). I regularly go from a size 10 to a size 14 in the span of a week. Is it normal for your body to retain water during this time, too? My thighs, arms, and face all get puffy until I finally (and painfully) feel the blockage release and then have a BM no more than 24 hours later. I've tried everything, and found a few tricks that used to help, but it's gotten to the point that nothing eases the pain in the vicious cycle.

I'm 25 and am grateful to be on the brink of finally getting health insurance for the first time in my adult life so that I can finally have yet another adhesiolysis surgery (I've had seven surgeries to date, three of which were abdominal, two pelvic, two for cancer).

Thanks for any input!

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