Re: I have begun the runaround and I want to scream

From: J.J. (
Sun Jan 27 22:48:24 2008

Hi Karen,

I too am in Alaska and have been given the same run-around for years.

I think your only option, along with listening to some of the great advice over the past few days, is to consider going to the lower 48 (i.e.- Seattle) for treatment. I'm also a cancer survivor and refuse to undergo treatment/surgery for any major medical condition (adhesions most definitely falling into that category) in Alaska due to the horrific experiences I've had in the past.

Your case sounds acute, so you should consider trying to get a referral from one of the doctors that you didn't like to keep the ball rolling. It's all a game, unfortunately.

Good luck, and don't give up!

- J.J. in Wasilla

At Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Icequeen_in_ak wrote: >
>After yesterdays 14 hours in the emergency room, I am left bewildered,
>lost, and unsure of what to do now.
>In November, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. After a week or so on
>antibiotics, the pain started to subside a bit. 4 days after my
>antibiotics were finished, the pain came back (lower left quadrant,
>lower right quadrant). I then went to a GI specialist, who did another
>catscan. This catscan showed the inflammation from the infection was
>gone and it was safe to go forward with a colonoscopy to see if there
>was IBS, or something causing the abdominal pain. The colonoscopy
>showed that my intestines look great (aside from a few diverticula) and
>he felt that my pain was caused by adhesion's, from my MULTIPLE
>abdominal surgeries in the past (several laps for ovary cysts, an ovary
>removal, a c-section (through the same incision as the ovary removal) a
>hysterectomy through the c-section incision, gall bladder removal, etc.
>He referred me to an OB/GYN, but my pain level was too intense to wait
>out the appointment (late January) so I went to the ER yesterday because
>I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore.
>They called a general surgeon, who felt it was IBS. The GI doctor told
>him, no... it was in fact NOT anything GI related, to which the surgeon
>then said "call an OB/GYN". They called her in, they did an ultrasound
>on my remaining ovary, which is fine. She told me she saw no reason to
>remove my ovary.... EXCUSE ME??? DID YOU READ MY CHART? WE AREN'T
>TALKING ABOUT MY OVARY (which IS fine) We are talking about suspected
>adhesion's causing massive abdominal pain. She then tells me she only
>deals with adhesion's when they are blocking your colon and storms out
>of the room. They then call another general surgeon who says "of the OB
>doesn't want to touch it, I don't either".

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