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I did not use a lawyer when I applied and I did get disability.  It is true thought that you need to write how it affects your life.  They also send a letter to people that are close to you to tell them how if affects you. Kelly

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I can definitely relate! I also have endometriosis (in addition to adhesions) and have had multiple surgeries.  I don't know how helpful this will be but, in regard to your questions about disability, I would first suggest getting a lawyer who specializes in disability, as others have mentioned.  I did that and it saved me a lot of headaches! The only down side is that about $5,300 of my retroactive payment went to him but I thought it was well worth it! It's very helpful that you have all of the documentation you mentioned.  As another member of the board said, it's not so much your illness but how that illness interferes with your ability to work that matters.  For example, for my application, we stated that my medications (mainly the oxycodone) impaired my cognitive functioning, making it impossible for me to continue doing my job.  It's important to try to give every example of why this horrible disease prevents you from doing your job.  Someone also once told me that it helps to include something saying you need bed rest (or couch rest I guess!) throughout the day because of the pain - only if that's true obviously! And I think it is helpful to try to give an idea of what the day is like for you - that you're in constant pain, cannot do basic household tasks, etc.  A good disability lawyer should know what's important to include.  If you do decide to go with an attorney, don't be afraid to ask questions about his/her success rate, how long the entire process usually takes, how often a hearing is required.  You have every right to ask those things.  I hope this is at least a little helpful! Having just gone through the process, I know it can be frustrating and upsetting at times but, hopefully, in the end it will be worth it! Good luck! Debbie (NY) ms/

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