Re: Adhesions and small bowel obstructions

From: Ms Lee (
Thu Jan 17 02:14:58 2008

>>Could you please let me know what you are and are not eating? I am having
>chronic bowel obstructions, and would like to try out your diet to see if
it >helps. Thanks.

The Doctor totally aware of my condition went opposite of what I was told to do. She made one convincing point...she reminded me eating the way the surgeons told me to [no ruffage, no fiber etc] has given me chronic bowel obstructions so I had NOTHING to lose to try to eat a new way...

How ironic.

Until she pointed this out, I never connected my bowel obstructions to my diet which my surgeons recommended. She was right, I had nothing to lose to try to eat differently. My surgeons way of eating gave me problems with partial bowel obstructions [diarrhea]

She took away pasta/rice, red meat, pork..allowed fish, chicken and turkey, small amounts couple times a week...

Fiber One cereal [looks like brown twigs], I put fat free cool whip on it to give it pizazz :-)

I eat fresh vegetables [bought small appliance steamer at Penny's or Target], I eat salad with almonds...I eat eggs...I eat a lot of apples.

Basically, I eliminated bad empty carbs, ate high fiber....low carbs.

Now, the first time I started my bowel was stretched from the fiber and it hurt for a couple of days but it got better...


The diarrhea stopped but constipation set in despite the fiber..I took colace, senna tabs daily and it was NOT enough...I now take miralax daily and put it in crystal lite orange drink to get 100% Vitamin C daily.

Miralax saved my life! My stools are regular and soft despite the narcotics and diet.

After my first year of being obstruction free...we realized my diet was the culprit to bring the obstruction on..[mostly red meat]...taking miralax has allowed me to add more foods back in which I love without problems [pizza, pasta, rice, chinese food etc].

As of today, I can eat anything and have no problems...but I cannot do this reckless eating 7 days a week...I have to behave at times too.

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