hirschbrungs diesease

From: sara (sjryan83@aol.com)
Fri Jan 11 06:54:05 2008

hi i live in the uk and when my son was born it was the first time i had heard of hirschbrungs. no one in my family has had hirschbrungs. my son is now 2 years old and he has had been addmitted to hospital so many times now 2 times for his op's and 3 times because he had bowel infections where he had to be put on drips. he was also addmitted because he had very low blood counts, he had a blood transfusion. ever since his pull through op he has suffered from really bad nappy rash, the doctors say its a fungal infection and it is like fighting a losing battle. hes been on antibiotics and different kinds of cream. i would like to find out other peoples experience with this diease.

i have noticed aswell that hardly anyone in mk where i live have heard of hirschbrungs. the specailist that helps my son is in oxford jr which is an hours drive from where i live. we have a hospital in mk but they dont have a specillist.

i would be grateful to hear from anyone

thanks sara

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