I have begun the runaround and I want to scream

From: Icequeen_in_ak (icequeen66@gci.net)
Fri Jan 11 06:53:40 2008

After yesterdays 14 hours in the emergency room, I am left bewildered, lost, and unsure of what to do now.

In November, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. After a week or so on antibiotics, the pain started to subside a bit. 4 days after my antibiotics were finished, the pain came back (lower left quadrant, lower right quadrant). I then went to a GI specialist, who did another catscan. This catscan showed the inflammation from the infection was gone and it was safe to go forward with a colonoscopy to see if there was IBS, or something causing the abdominal pain. The colonoscopy showed that my intestines look great (aside from a few diverticula) and he felt that my pain was caused by adhesion's, from my MULTIPLE abdominal surgeries in the past (several laps for ovary cysts, an ovary removal, a c-section (through the same incision as the ovary removal) a hysterectomy through the c-section incision, gall bladder removal, etc.

He referred me to an OB/GYN, but my pain level was too intense to wait out the appointment (late January) so I went to the ER yesterday because I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore.

They called a general surgeon, who felt it was IBS. The GI doctor told him, no... it was in fact NOT anything GI related, to which the surgeon then said "call an OB/GYN". They called her in, they did an ultrasound on my remaining ovary, which is fine. She told me she saw no reason to remove my ovary.... EXCUSE ME??? DID YOU READ MY CHART? WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT MY OVARY (which IS fine) We are talking about suspected adhesion's causing massive abdominal pain. She then tells me she only deals with adhesion's when they are blocking your colon and storms out of the room. They then call another general surgeon who says "of the OB doesn't want to touch it, I don't either".

So... long story short. I'm in debilitating pain, I have a 2 day supply of pain medication and I'm on my own. The ER/hospital refuse to do anything else, as "they've done all they can do".

I seriously don't know what to do, where to start, how to move forward. I feel completely defeated and if it wasn't for the beautiful miracle of a 4 year old that I have, I probably would have given up the fight and done something horrible to myself :(

My short term list is to get started on my disability paperwork for work, and take a leave of absence so I can focus on getting treatment or at least pain management treatment, but I don't know what else to do, or where to start.

Any enlightenment would be so greatly appreciated.

Karen, in Alaska

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