Re: Can adhesions cause gallstones?

From: DT (
Mon Dec 31 15:36:35 2007

Hi Angela,

I have had multiple surgeries for adhesions and two years ago had to have gall bladder removed for multiple stones. I don't know that there is any correlation between adhesions and gallstones but I'll tell you that for me -

the surgery for the gallstones resulted in an 8-inch diagonal scar (my belly

looks like this now a one-eyed winking smiley face from all the surgeries now!) under my ribcage on the right side of my upper abdomen. Usually the surgeons can do gallbladder removal from the belly button but I have so much

massive scar tissue that it's too dangerous to pierce the bellybutton - they

can't see where they are going. The surgeons had to cut sideways and then keep cutting down until they could see where they were going.

I hope that your Dr.'s can do the bellybutton surgery for you - I wish you the best of luck with your recovery.!

:) DT

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> Subject: Can adhesions cause gallstones?
> Adhesion sufferrer for many years with multiple surgeries and recent
> surgery this year for 2 partial bowel obstructions. Just diagnosed by
> abdominal ultrasound with multiple gallstones. Any one with same
> problem? Any correlation with adhesions and gallstones? Also applied for
> SSD was denied any suggestions on appealing decison.
> Thanks

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