WHY do so many surgeons not believe in adhesions causing PAIN???

From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Mon Dec 24 17:40:38 2007

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Hi, It sounds like you ran into a surgeon who doesn't  know what he's talking about. Yes adhessions do cause pain. You just need to get to someone who can help you. There are some surgeons who just don't want to deal wiith us, but it is important that you get to someone who can, because adhesions can cause a lot of problems, thus this site. I don't know anyone any California who specifically deals with adhesions, but if you are willing to travel their out there. My surgeon is in Pa,(i;m in Utah) and there are a couple surgeons in ''Fla that I know of. Check clarkgerhart.com (he's incredible, saved my life, when no one here would help me.) It sounds like you could have adhesions back. 'they rarely show up on xray unless their blocking ie a bowel or something. Seeing a good pain doc who understands them may help. A lot of Obgyn docs understand theses things and may be of some help. My obgyn found me a great pain doc who understands how painful they can be. Im' doing much better now, and am off all the heavy duty drugs. Yes unfortunately untill we get some better barriers in the Us to tackle these things, they can come back. Getting a surgeon who knows what he/she is doing is definately helpful. Good luck, and email me anytime. Marlene

> Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 23:01:31 -0600
> From: tracy.joslin@adhesions.org
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> Subject: WHY do so many surgeons not believe in adhesions causing PAIN???
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> Subject: WHY do so many surgeons not believe in adhesions causing PAIN???
> Hi all!
> I have been reading this site for awhile and have a question. I had my
> gallbladder removed last Dec and still have problems. When he removed
> it there were also extensive adhesions to my omentum and transverse
> colon areas. He removed them and the only way I found out about them
> was when I requested his report... Now a year later I still have many
> problems and pain on that side as well as a bad pain in upper right side
> right below rib area. My dr thought maybe I had hernia but I have had 2
> surgeons examine me as well as CT scan and MRI and they both say no
> hernia... I am thinking it might be more adhesions?? WHY don't
> adhesions show up on anything? Or can they? I had multiple testings done
> before I had gallbladder out also and not ONCE did any dr say oh I see
> adhesions in there!!!
> I am very discouraged because the surgeon I saw yesterday basically told
> me WE (he means the surgical community I guess) do NOT believe adhesions
> cause pain!!!!! And when I tried to further question him about it he
> basically blew me off. I asked him if by chance he knew of any dr's or
> surgeons that specifically dealt with adhesions and he said OH NO, there
> is NO SUCH THING!!! Gawdddd.... I was so frustrated when I left there.
> Now I am not 100% sure that is my problem but it is worth a shot since
> everything else has been ruled out. And I did have extensive adhesions
> in this same area where I still have pain.

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