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From: David Ryan (
Wed Aug 1 20:49:43 2007

Dear Ron and Barbara, I am sorry for your pain. If you are open-minded, you must try what I have found to work for me. I am 37 and have had endometriosis since I was 12 and later developed ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors. I had an appendectomy, laparoscopy, c-section, 3 heart surgeries, hysterectomy at 29 (only my uterus) and still developed cysts on my ovaries and further surgery, hence, the adhesions. My last two surgeries were 5 months apart and I had 13 inches of intestine removed. It was so painful to eat and digest food. Before I knew what it was, there were months I lived off of Rolaids or crackers and ginger ale. I thought I had an ulcer. Then, my body would just shut down and it wouldn't even digest water. Some doctors thought I had the flu and wanted to send me home. I would have surely died. My hospital stays were 8 to 12 days at a time. Doctors here have given me no hope. My adhesions are too extensive to try to treat. Because of my eating habits, my immune system took a dive. I got monthly infections and was on antibiotics all the time and pain pills. However, I am happy to share I got a hold of something that changed my life in all ways!!! If you are open-minded you must give me a call, or better yet, give me you number and I will call you. We must chat! My friend shared a nutrition product with me just to give me energy. I never thought in a million years that it would help me at all. I am currently pain free!! This is now the longest I have been out of the hospital in 11 years and the first time I am pain free and medication free since I was 12. I have had no further surgery either or infections or pain meds. I am not cured, but I am so thankful for the pain-free and hospital- free past four years!!! My average out of pocket medical expenses 4 years ago were $5,000/year. Last year for our family of four they were $480! I know what all that pain takes out of you and I know what is costs ($). I have more energy than every before and keep a very busy schedule with my children. I am a mom and a wife again. I have a social life again too! I can't refute results! I am forever grateful to my friend who shared this hope with me. I am happy to share more details if you want!

-Sheila Ryan

Marinette, WI

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After a recent CT of her abdomen and pelvis, my wife's surgeon could not find any cause for the horrible, localized tugging pain she gets above her navel, espcially after bowel movements. He does not want to operate and suggested we continue with pain management.

Being that the pain seems to be of unknow etiology (for about 12 years now), we are considering going to Florida Hospital/Celebration Health to see if they can find the cause and provide relief. Dr. Redan operated on her in 2000 and she had about 5 years of relief (with some episodes lasting only 2-3 days).

We wanted to know if anyone has gone to Florida Hospital/Celebration Health & Dr. Redan to seek help with their pain. We wanted to know about their experience and how successful they were in diagnosing and treating their pain. Thanks, Ron & Barbara Paul

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