Anyone taking Serrapeptase?

From: IAS Admin (
Wed Aug 1 20:48:18 2007

ender: (Nala) Subject: Re: Anyone taking Serrapeptase?


I did try it, and although my adhesions loosened quite a bit, it appeared to worsen my endometriosis pain, possibly because those cells were starting to spread around a bit. I had to stop. I think others with endometriosis should know that there is a risk that your endo pain will get worse.

- N

At Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Shali wrote: >
>Im sure the one I tried was no where near 90,000IU per capsule.
>Evidently youre using Enerex? Looks like a Canadian product. If so, did
>you know there is an 80,000IU product you can order in the states? At
>least it would ship faster and your VISA wouldnt be a mess with their
>conversions and credits.

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