severe Abdominal Pain-Tamera

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In my experience, when you totally obstruct. They will totally ignore you otherwise. I went in with a partial obstruction, they admitted me, took food away [Im 95 pounds because of the inability to eat] and put me on electrolytes for FIVE days. All to show me an optical illusion ON FILM that the obstruction was gone. Another drama show. All that just to go home, try to eat again, only to block up. I'll never do it again.

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>If your dr. said maybe it is a blockage, then he needs to follow up on
that. >You are going to get dehydrated also.
>I suffer with adhesions and some weeks I feel great and others are
>horrible. For the past several days, I have had bad pain under ribs and
>haven't had a BM in days. At what point do we go to the hospital with
absent >bowel movements? My back aches very bad when I haven't gone.
>You need some help with the pain also.

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