Celebration Health Hospital

From: Sherry (queennwv@aol.com)
Wed Aug 1 20:43:46 2007

I am meeting with Dr. Redan July 31st and surgery for lysis of adhesions and possible bowel resection is Aug. 2nd. My last surgery with Drs. Redan and Reich was November of 2000 in Scranton, Pa. I have had 7 abdominal surgeries and suffer from severe ARD. Before my last surgery I was hospitalized due to the unrelenting pain and had no quality of life. I was unable to eat for fear of another bowel obstruction and felt surgery was the best option for me. The surgeons were fantastic and gave me back my life, I've had about 6 good years. It is with much thought, soul searching and praying that I have decided to have this upcoming surgery in Celebration, Florida. My husband and I are flying down on Monday, July 30th. I will post as soon as able and I would appreciate if you would keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers. Sherry Marie

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