Re: severe Abdominal Pain

Mon Jul 23 19:50:48 2007

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>this is angie again im on 150 duragesic patches, phenergan25 for the
>nausea, valium 5 mg for the intestinal adhesion spasms, zanaflex muscle
>relaxer, loratab10mg for the breakthrough pain every 4 hrs as needed,
>ambiean to help me sleep & i still dont sleep, its just a very rough
>life living with adhesions god bless

I just had surgery 1 week ago for what we thought was a mass on my fallopian tube and ovary 6.8cm, turned out to be adhesions everywhree and fluid built up. But now since my surgery my STOMACH hurts. I can not eat or drink, I am nauseaed and throwing up all the time. No sleep due to the pain. What do I do??? I called my doctor and they said oh maybe it is a blockage..

My back aches so bad, I could screa,, I feel like I am going out of my mind.... Any suggestions?


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