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Hi Heidi, I have had several surgeries to correct just the adhesions, however you know that by having surgey it helps but it also causes them, I have had surgery about every year and a half one time I went 2 years.  Last year In Feb I had surgery and had a mesch inserted they told me it should last about 5 years, sounds great huh!! However its been 17 months and I need surgery again, I waiting until I cant stand it any longer,but not everyone is the same so a good surgery could help you for awhile.  Good luck to you and Let me know how everything works out. Pat Doddie

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Hello Everyone!

I'm new to this forum after reviewing it for awhile.  I'm very impressed with its content and am glad that there's something out there to help all of us! I agree, we're not alone, which I have to keep reminding myself from time to time.

In 1998, after delivering my second child by C-section, the surgeon neglected to sew up my uterus before closing me up.  As a result, my internal bleeding (2 units)'primed' the way for massive abdominal adhesions.  It was 'corrected' the next day, yet was constantly scoffed at by the doctors, when I complained of pain afterwards.

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