More tugging pain

From: Ron/Barbara Paul (
Thu Jun 28 19:54:59 2007

Dear IAS Family,

It has been about 6 years since I posted a message. In August, 2001 my wife Barbara was operated on by Drs. Reich and Redan for tugging pain (which began in 1995) that occured only in a spot about 1 inch above her navel. She had had 3 surgeries prior to this and had been to a pain clinic. None of these solved the problem. Drs. Reich and Redan removed her gall bladder and did not find much more. The pain was relieved for about 5 years, with only bouts of pain/tugging lasting 2-3 days every 4-5 months. In May, 2005, the pain began again. This time, being that we moved to Arizona, we started with a new gastroenterologist. He did some tests, but did not find anything that he could relate to the pain. The Mayo Clinic could not find anything, even when we went to their hospital while she was having an attack. We saw the doctor in charge of laparoscopic surgery there and he did not want to operate. We saw another surgeon in Phoenix, who found stitches that were still in her abdominal wall. He thought, that they might be the cause of the pain, but they were not. He does not want to operate any more due to the number of surgeries she already has had. We found a pain management doctor who was willing to spend the time to listen to her history and help her manage the pain. She is on the Fentanyl patch (dosage varies if the pain increases) and Actiq for outbreak pain. Our gastroeneterologist recently did a colonoscopy and an enteroscopy, both of which showed no abnormality. Only one diagnostic test showed an abnormality in stomach emptying. With the gastroenterologist not finding anything else in his exams, he hinted that perhaps it might be adhesions. Being that we now live in the Phoenix area, we are wondering if anyone knows of a doctor/surgeon in the area who might help us find out what the problem really is. We would greatly appreciate it. With many thanks, Ron & Barbara Paul (

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