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My name is Tammie, Your story sounds like mine as I'm sure you have read through the message board and have seen how similar our stories are. Its amazing! I'm 38 I had my complete hysterectomy at 36 because I was all stuck together inside just like you. Back then I was told that the only thing that would rid me of the never ending excruciating pain was the complete hysterectomy so in my mind I was dealing with never being able to have children but I figured that I would be out of pain and god would take care of the maternal part of things for me.  I went from the recovery pain from the hysterectomy straight to the ripping and pulling of the adhesion's that had started to form through the barrier that the doctor had put in. I have had NO sex drive since ~ (3 VERY LONG YEARS) I feel its because of having both of my ovaries removed. If I knew then that all I needed was to be put on pain management then I would have not allowed him to do the surgery. If you are going to the bathroom properly and there are no obstructions would the doctor be willing to put you on pain management for a while. Remember this is your body and these doctors are surgeons all they know is surgery and they all push for SURGERY but I'm a perfect example that it was not the answer and I ended up all stuck together again. You know that surgery causes adhesion's, the surgery itself is going to cause more adhesion's to form even if they put a mesh in, my adhesion's grew right through it. Please don't rush this thinking it is the answer. GO see a pain management doctor who prescribes medication not the ones who give epidural, nerve blocks.

God Bless whatever your decision is! Tammie From: (Coops) Subject: Advise welcome

I have had extreme pain for several years now and found out a couple of months ago that the cause is adhesions, my ovaries are stuck to my bladder and bowel and I have a large hydrosalpinx in one of my tubes. I am due to have a complete removal including both ovaries in a weeks time. Hopefully by LAVH. I have dozens of 'lumps' all over my body, mainly in the torso and leg region. I am 47 yrs old. In the past I had surgery for gallstones, but the surgeon says an undiagnosed infection the past has caused my problems. Any advise anyone?

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