From: Ms Lee (
Sat Jun 23 14:37:00 2007

At Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Jan G wrote:

Hi Jan,

Ask your attorney if he can or is doing a "On The Record", this is the stage I won it at. Your asking the ALJ judge to rule your case from his private chambers based on record. If you are denied, you still get the face to face hearing. My case was ruled on 3 weeks after this request was entered. Granted, they did not notify me of the win for 3 weeks. Got a letter June 7th and it was dated May 15th...

Let us know.


>Congratulations on your win Ms.Lee!
>My attorney contacted me and informed me that we're filing a
>request to expedite my hearing. I am not sure what that means
>or why, suddenly he is requesting this.
>but I am not going to argue!

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