From: Ms Lee (
Mon Jun 25 20:13:22 2007

>I was wondering what state do you live in?

I am from Florida. It was very frustrating applying for SSDI, I got turned down x2 [but I was under the age of 50]. Adhesions alone did not win my case, it was all the problems adhesions caused me that won the case.

Not only did adhesions cause me "fistulas" a complication risk of surgery but it also caused psychological damage, "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome". This damage was caused by lack of medical support and constantly hurting me by not believing me or doing anything to manage my pain. I suffered so bad at one time. Doctors were cruel to me, plain nasty and accused me of malingering.

The Judge did say that SSA errored by denying me, and said SSA failed to grasp the ARD disease and should have put more weight on what my Docs said vs. the State appointed 45 min consultation.

Let us know how it goes...


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