From: Ms Lee (leenoga@cfl.rr.com)
Mon Jun 11 21:54:29 2007

It has been a battle which started Oct 2005 when I applied for SSDI. I was 48 at the time and was denied x2 at the consideration levels. My atttorneys waited for me to turn 50 and filed an "On The Record" request to approve my case in private chambers vs. setting a hearing date for me to go before the Judge face to face.

4 weeks later, the envelope came 2 days ago this week [while I was out of town], and found me "Fully Favorable" putting the weight of the decision on my private Doctors notes vs. the SSDI State consultants.

My medical chaos is no new story, a slew of surgery, a stuggling fight with living...#240 percocet a month, and discouraged over the years.

They focused their decision more on the problems the adhesions caused than the fact I had adhesions.

I am numb to this news because I struggled to hang on during this 1.5 year wait, refinanced my house to the max twice, maxed out credit cards, borrowed thousands..

Keep the Faith to all that have applied :-)

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