From: pauline (
Mon Jun 11 21:53:51 2007

i am going to see a surgeon on tuesday, june 12 i have such pain in my stomach and ribs its hard to do any thing i have been to doctors cardiolists gastrionalst many drs and surgeons pain clinic now they think it is adhesions this pain has been going on for years i just want some relief pain pills only last a little bit i refuse to take any more narcotics such as oxycoti morphine it doesnthelp any was have problems with bowels and urinating had any kind of test that they can think of i am a 75 year old widow every one will not believe i'm that old they say i look a lot younger if they only knew the pain i am in do you think taking the adhesions off will help me i have been diagnosed with ibm gas any thing they could say now they say i dont have any of that i'm so tired of doctors giving me the run around please if any one has this problem let me know it gets worse after i eat or drink they say it is pressure againgst the adhesions thank you for any info

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