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Shali, I am sorry that I upset you so much but was just trying to tell you that if you keep having surgeries that one of these days a dr. won't touch you with a 10 foot pole and there are actually people that die from having so many surgeries. Having surgeries every year is not a good health decision. I also was trying to give you advise on how to feel better without the surgery. (Pain Management, exercise, yoga etc..) I may be living like this but I would rather live like this then continually have surgery and risk my life and only have relief for a month. Why is it that when someone on this site tells people not to get surgery, they get attacked? 

If you are trying to find a surgeon, you will probably have to look out of Phoenix.  There is Dr. Redan, Dr. Cook, Dr. Krushinski and another dr. in Germany.  I have been to Germany and Pennsylvania to the best and I only had relief for a very short time.   I think you can look up their names on this site and get their e-mails.

I also have severe abdominal and pelvic and vaginal adhesions so I know how it is to suffer. I have horrible bowel and bladder problems also. I also had a surgery where they could not do it laproscopically as there was too much scar tissue.

Right now I haven't gone to the bathroom in almost a week(bowels) and my feet are so swollen that I can't wear shoes.  I will get this checked out tomorrow but will try and get it taken care of without surgery. I started Jazzercise two months ago and I think that it has been one of the best things I have done.  If there are exercises that I can't do because they cause too much pain, I don't do them. I am so proud as I kept thinking it would be too hard with the way I feel. It also helps my attitude.  I also baby sit my two year old granddaughter and she has been  a lifesaver too.  I don't focus on my illness when I have her.  I don't have time.  Sure, there are days that I want to call my daughter and tell her that I am too sick to watch her but I do. I am on several medications which I hate but this also helps.

It is your body and you can go and have surgeries every few months or every year but I was only trying to give you my point on getting cut on alot. I think alot of us feel that we are at the end of our rope and get surgery and start the whole process over again.

There have been people that claim success from the drs. in Germany.  So if you are really wanting it, you should try and go there.  I am not sure where Dr. Redan is located now but I am sure someone on this site knows.  At least they specialize in adhesions. Wish you luck Kelly   ________________________________________ From:  "IAS Admin (Tracy)" <> ________________________________________ Reply-To: To:  Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Subject:   Surgeon in Phoenix Date:  Thu, 7 Jun 2007 20:11:32 -0500 >Sender: (Shali)
>Subject: Re: Surgeon in Phoenix
>Well .  .  .  you say you have had a few for adhesions when you could
>not take it any more.  Yes, I cant take it anymore! I wouldnt be going
>in there if I could live with it.  Yes, your body IS poisoning you,
>youre exactly right.  And the difference between you and me is Im not
>willing to live like that; always chasing infections and illness.
>You ask what is emergent; I previously posted I have a STRICTURE [for
>starters].  A stricture has to be resected.  My bowels dont work AT ALL
>and I fill with FLUID.  Its racking my mind to the point I do not wish
>to live this way.  I havent been able to leave the house in a year; at
>this rate I will never leave it.  If I have to go in every year to get a
>year's worth of relief, I would do it! It beats the constant poisoning
>that can only lead to greater illnesses.  No thank you.

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