Re: Adhesions: surgery or not to have surgery

From: Bonnie (
Sun Jun 3 14:27:26 2007

Kim, thru my experience the hysterectomy (total) is what broke the camels back for me. Had many previous ab surgeries no problems with adhesions, but this hysterectomy set everything off ....terrible...... >
>In 1996 I had a c-section. In 2000 during my 2nd c-section, my ob/gyn
>came upon the problem of my bladder and uterus being completely
>attached. During pregnancy it is common that the bladder is sensitive
>as the uterus presses upon it and makes urination (or the need to)
>uncomfortable. Since the 2nd c-section, I began having abdominal pain
>and the pain in my bladder has worsened. It hurts to even have our
>children sit on my lap. During 2002, my monthly cycles began to be
>extremely heavy, painful and would last 7-14 days. I figured this is
>what happens once you get closer to age 40. In late December 2002 I had
>abdominal pain that was worse than normal and went to my gyn. She did
>an exterior and interior ultrasould and could not locate my ovaries. We
>opted to do a diagnostic lapraoscopy. She was able to take pictures of
>adhesions attaching my uterus and bladder together and attaching to the
>interior body cavity wall. Now, I understand that adhesions are just
>something you have to accept as a reaction to abdominal surgery, but
>these adhesions are causing horrible pain. My periods are unbelieveably
>heavy and painful. I have horrible cramps two weeks before my period
>and just starting with my last cycle the cramps have continued even
>after. I have chronic menstral cramps and back cramps, my bladder is so
>sensitive that I can have just the tiniest amount of urine in my bladder
>and it will feel to me like my bladder is 100% full. I am also having
>pain after eating. Not in my stomach, but intestines. From everything
>I have read and researched, there is nothing to do about adhesions. They
>can be un-attached or removed, but they come right back - sometimes
>worse than before. My gyn, during the laprascopy, found an unknown lump
>in the outer lining of my uterus. We have discussed a hystorectomy, but
>now I'm not so sure if having a hystorectomy will solve the adhesion
>problem. How can I get unlimited information on my options? I need some
>past and current experience stories from those of you that post here.
>I'm nausiated all the time, cramping all the time, my lower back hurts
>all the time. CAN anything be done? Is there a "magical" pill?

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