losing my job

Sun Jun 3 14:27:17 2007

hi everyone i started having pain again in jan its may and it is not where i cant stand it but i feel i have no life i have been on light duty at work well the time is running out in employee health they finally dont beleive me they r going to have a meeting everyone but me to post my job they have no idea what it is like ive had every test there is roto rooter in every hole of my body and i knew all along what it was adhesions again ive had surgery 5 times and the last time was bad bowels hooked to this bladder hooked to that whats worse is im a really good diet clerk but the is alot of physical work and i just cant do it i cant pick up my only grandbaby i cant play i cant go antiqueing i dont think anyone here really understands what i go thru every day i know how anyone and everyone of you all feel i start pain management tues does anyone know if it at least helps enough to put off surgery for a lil while thanks stephi

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