we need to fight for people with adhesions!

From: Deborah Smith (mommasmith88@yahoo.com)
Wed May 16 17:31:35 2007

Yes I have had adhesions for almost 14 years, and I have had 23 surgeries, I have been tryin to get SSD for like the last 6, and they keep turning me down because they keep saying adhesions arent a disease and they don't cause pain, I really think that we all need to take a stand and make people see that this is a major disease like cancer. We suffer with pain everyday, I have lost my life I can't do anything because of the pain and the living with meds. We need help with this disease and we need to open peoples eyes. I can't even go and have surgery with my doctor because my insurance didn't pay it all the last time and he's out of state and his office is wanting 1600 upfront,my bowels aren't working my right kidney isn't working, my bladder is hurting so darn bad and this isn't fair that I have to live like this because nobody believes that I am in that much pain from adhesions.

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