Re: My surgery with Seprafilm did not work

From: Jenny (
Thu May 3 18:09:28 2007

Denise, I just had my 7th surgery in January. Although not all of mine are directly from adhesions. Mine started with huge hemmoragic ovarian cysts and Endomitriosis-stage 4. My surgeon said she used 2 sheets of the Seprafilm- my bowels and bladder adhered to my stomach lining. And here I am, again, in pain just like before my surgery, also! After surgery I had a few weeks without pain ...but the "twinges" started and in the last few days the pain has become excruciating. I can't take pain meds, except at night, because I work...and I barely made it home tonight...the pain got soooo bad. I try really hard to enjoy any moment I can that i am not in pain. But, I am struggling also. I know this probably isn't the exact response you were looking for... but for me it's nice to have people that really understand what we are living with. I am married, but we were not able to have children (because of how bad my Endo was - I ended up with a total hysterectomy) I know it is hard on my husband -- but he has been like my cheerleader and always is pushing me to try to push through the pain...which helps, sometimes. He can tell when it is too much for me, then all I can do is just lay down!!! Try to keep a sense of humor, it can help. I think sharing your story with others can help too. Feel free to e-mail me - we can try to encourage each other!! Jen

At Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Denise wrote: >
>I posted on here about my last surgery I had last month, I know for sure
>the surgery did not work with the Seprafilm. I am in pain, just like
>before I had surgery.
>I knew there was a chance the seprafilm would not work.
>Anyway, I have been depressed. I feel like now I have to accept that I
>WILL have this pain forever. Even though I am on pain meds, they never
>fully get rid of the pain, they just take the edge off.
>I am so bummed out.
>This made 8 surgeries in 3 years now.
>I guess I want to know how you guys live your life knowing that you will
>always have this pain with adhesions, and be happy.
>Before I always had hope, that kept me going, now I feel there is no
>hope to get rid of these adhesions, so what I want to know is how do you
>live day to day without being so depressed and sad.
>My pain is so bad most of the time, and I know it effects my husband and
>8 yr old son. (mom never feels good).
>I pretty much never feel like doing anything, unless I have to, and that
>Anyway, I had to vent, because I know all of you understand where I am
>coming from.
>I will take any advice and tips any of you have to give me.

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