adhesion surgery yesterday

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Denise, I have had the seprafilm before and it did work, but unfortunenately for me it did not last. Hopefully, it will work better for you. When I had it done it was still a very new procedure. Wishing you the best. Feel free to email me if you like.   Rebecca Mitchell,  

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Did you have this surgery done in the States?

At Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Denise wrote: >
>My name is Denise, I have posted on here before.
>I just had my 7th surgery yesterday.
>I had many adhesions removed (as usual), this time I had adhesions on my
>small intestine also.  My small intestine was stuck to the sacrum bone,
>which is the tail bone.
>This surgery was done by a different surgeon, he is from Sweden, and
>studied medicine in Europe.
>I have never had this done to me before on any of my other surgeries, he
>used Seprafilm and also nerve blocks.  So I am hopeful that this will
>work, or at least help, because the pain I have been in has been
>unbearable at times.
>If anyone has this done I would love to hear from you or any of you.
>Thanks for listening,
>Denise P.
>my e-mail is

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