Re: Cancer treatment and Adhesions

From: Mark in Seattle (
Thu Jan 11 15:10:53 2007

Radiation can cause adhesions. Anything that irritates or inflames. Surgery, endometriosis, radiation, infection, trauma, dehydration, a bit of talc from a surgereon's glove,...

I have adhesions that affect my breathing.


Mark in Seattle

At Mon, 8 Jan 2007, S. Reese wrote: > >Does anyone know the effects of cancer treatment on prexisting adhesions >, I've had adhesions for 26 yrs never any problem till 2004 2 >breastcancer treatment adhesions are from liver to diaphram , It started >with pain under right rib then one evening I felt a pop and then was >unable to catch my breath like the wind was knocked out of me, this was >just the beginning. I had A/C chemo and 6 weeks radiation piece of cake >or so I thought and 2 lumpectomies which went well (although I did have >a hematoma as big as my breast after the first surgery but was drained >2months later (second surgery in april 04) but my whole breast was red >till approx Sept 04 or later the only reason I've added this info about >hematoma is in case this could have caused irratation that caused >adhesion problems.)

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