Cancer treatment and Adhesions

From: S. Reese (
Mon Jan 8 15:49:37 2007

Does anyone know the effects of cancer treatment on prexisting adhesions , I've had adhesions for 26 yrs never any problem till 2004 2 breastcancer treatment adhesions are from liver to diaphram , It started with pain under right rib then one evening I felt a pop and then was unable to catch my breath like the wind was knocked out of me, this was just the beginning. I had A/C chemo and 6 weeks radiation piece of cake or so I thought and 2 lumpectomies which went well (although I did have a hematoma as big as my breast after the first surgery but was drained 2months later (second surgery in april 04) but my whole breast was red till approx Sept 04 or later the only reason I've added this info about hematoma is in case this could have caused irratation that caused adhesion problems.)

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