Re: Adhesions After Gall Bladder Surgery, Aggravated By Stress

From: Margaret (
Wed Dec 27 09:45:22 2006

I have both severe post surgical adhesions (can consume no solid food at all due to strictures) and chronic pancreatitis secondary to my gallbladder surgery complications. My adhesion pain is constant, and consistant, unless I exert myself, then it worsens. The pain from my pancreatitis, however, varies. Chronic pancreatitis does not show bloodwork abnormalities until it reaches a fairly advanced stage. Indeed, its quite difficult to diagnose, without some fairly elaborate testing (such as an EUS, or an ERCP) You may wish to check out this article You may also wish to seek a second opinion, esp, if you had your last work up seven years ago. Imaging options have improved considerably since then. Just a thought!

Margaret in NC

At Fri, 22 Dec 2006, Joe wrote: About a >year or two later, I began having pain in my right side, around my liver >area, and where the small surgical puncture sites were. The doctor had >me go through sonograms and CT scans. Blood work was done to check >liver function. All tests showed nothing to be wrong, and the doctor >decided that I more than likely had developed adhesions.

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