Adhesions After Gall Bladder Surgery, Aggravated By Stress

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Joe, I have not heard of high volume stress associated with adhesions, but I know that I had several attacks today and coincidentally we buried my Grandmother today. So their may be some correlation between the two.   Rebecca Mitchell Have a Bless Day  

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Hello All:

New to the forum!

I have been in pain all weekend, and am considering the weekend lost as I have spent most of the time on the couch!

If I may dive in here...

I am 50 years old, and had my gall bladder removed laparascopically in November of 1996.  There were no complications with the surgery, and I was really pleased with the surgical and recovery experience.  About a year or two later, I began having pain in my right side, around my liver area, and where the small surgical puncture sites were.  The doctor had me go through sonograms and CT scans.  Blood work was done to check liver function.  All tests showed nothing to be wrong, and the doctor decided that I more than likely had developed adhesions.

The strange thing is that the pain comes and goes, and I have been fortunate in that over the last nine years, the pain hasn't ruled my life.  (Well, that is not 100% true.  The pain does rule my life when I am in the midst of an attack.) I have noticed, however, that the pain attacks occur when I am in periods of high stress.  For instance, I own a small apartment over my garage, and this past Monday, I had a problem with my tenant that continued through the week.  I have been pain free for a few years, but by Wednesday of last week, the pain had arrived, and by Saturday, I was left feeling worthless and miserable, not wanting to get off the couch due to the pain that stabs at me and burns when I get up and move.

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