physical therapist using massage & ultrasound

From: theata (
Mon Dec 4 10:37:22 2006

Hi. I have adhesions causing abdominal pain. After a physical therapy session last week I'm sure that the culprit causing my pain is adhesions. The therapist used deep massage to pulverize the adhesions, followed by ultrasound and a heating pad. I searched the archive & found no mention of ultrasound as a therapy.

My pain is mostly lower right quadrant. When the therapist was massaging my abdomen, she hit the area that must be hooked to my bladder (dysuria & urinary retention for last 5 years). The lower rt quadrant began several months ago. I've gone through 2 urologists, the gastroenterologist, gynecologist, family practice doc, physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist, & the surgeon. I keep getting bounced back & forth between doctors - it's no one's specialty area, apparently.

So far this year 3 ultrasounds, a CT scan, & a colonoscopy. GI doc found tortuous colon & dx'd adhesions. At least most of the horrible stuff involving organ removal is ruled out... I think this might be worse, though...

Appreciate any comments.



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