adhesion, small bowel obstruction

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Mon Dec 4 10:35:59 2006

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I'm posting this to alert you about a two year health problem that I had. One day quite suddenly I began to have digestive difficulties and discomfort. Wheat, dairy, and cane sugar foods were particularly a problem. I was seen by numerous doctors and given a variety of tests. These symptoms continued for two years as I lost a pound every ten days or so. I even went to Mayo Clinic, thinking I might have celiac disease. At Mayo I was told I had been given all tests possible except one, and that would be administered by Mayo. All tests were negative. That autumn and winter I continued to lose weight and strength. After two years, one day last winter terrible pain struck with multiple vomiting. In the middle of the night I was taken to the ER and administered the magic test that had never been administered, the CAT SCAN. The doctor who saved my life diagnosed a small bowel obstruction caused by adhesions from a surgery that I had had twenty five years previously. They were gradually strangling my small intestine. They said with the cat scan, "It was an easy diagnosis." They performed emergency surgery on a small intestine that was ready to rupture. I'm fine now, able to eat all foods. My reason for posting is to urge you, if you are having puzzling digestive problems to ask for a cat scan. It was what saved my life - along with two wonderful doctors - the doc who ordered the test and the doc who performed the surgery.

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