Great Advice in Courtney's Post!

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Fri Oct 20 15:12:43 2006

Very good practical advice for dealing with adhesions. Good job Courtney!

At Mon, 16 Oct 2006, Courtney wrote: >
>I too have the FAP, i have known about it all my life I am now 29 years
>old. In march of 1994 I had the full-colectomy with the j-pouch. I was
>sixteen when I had the surgery and it was during my sophmore year in
>high school. I only had the ileostomy for seven weeks, I had no
>problems with my body adjusting to the pouch other then trying to get
>use to the constant diarrea. Now 12 years later, I too am having
>problems with the adhesion. My first experience with a bowel
>abstruction was in March of 2000. My husband who is in the Navy was
>station on a small Island in Washington state. I had to go to a
>military hospital to get treatment. Even though this was my first
>experience with a bowel obstruction I knew what to do. Only if the
>doctors did. I went to the ER about ten at night. I complained of
>nausea, vomitting and abd cramps. The doctors ordered xrays. They said
>the xrays did not show a large blockage. I told then that was because i
>had been throwing up in their waiting room bathroom for the last hour
>and a half. I told them I wanted iv pain meds, nausea meds, iv fluids
>and a ng tube. The doctor insisted he do a pelvic exam. I was balling.
>I told my husband I wanted to go back to Nebraska now. The only way I
>got what I wanted was when my husband threatened to call his commanding
>officer. It boiled down to they didn't believe me. They didn't
>understand what I had. Now I carry my medical records around with me.
>My husband is now stationed in Oklahoma City and I have a wonderful
>doctor. When we got orders here I called my doctor in Omaha (oh by the
>way this wonderful doctor in Omaha treats all of my family that means
>all thirteen of us, the gene runs strong in our family) and had him
>locate a doctor for me. He found me a very wonderful doctor. She is
>very understanding about me wanting to stay in contact with my doctor in
>Omaha. The first obstruction I had in Oklahoma City was in 2002. Then
>I had another in August of 2004 and then I had two in August of 2005.
>THe second one I had lysis of the adhesions. My doctor said I had a lot
>of adhesions. One year later almost to the date of the surgery I was in
>the hospital again with an obstruction. My doctor comes in to my room
>and says, "I see you came in for your yearly check up." I laughed. Now,
>when I have obstructions I call my doctor and thens she calls the
>hospital's ER, once I get there I get back in a room fairly quickly and
>I have an iv, pain and nausea meds, and my xray with in a short period
>of time.
>After taking a moment to sit back and think, I have come to the
>conculsion that my bowel obstructions are caused due to stress.
>Everytime I have had one, something stressful was going on. Some people
>carry their stress in their back or their face break out, i get
>obstructions. The only thing I can say that truly helps with the
>adhesion is regular excerise. I know that sounds stupid, but my doctors
>says that it helps to keep the adhesions at bay.
>Now when i feel an obstruction coming on, ( i know you know that
>feeling, it has a feeling of it's own) i will stop eating and only take
>in thin liquids, if the thin liquids make me throw up then, off to the
>ER I go.

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