Re: Adhesion surgery caused perforated small intestine

From: Wayne Miller (
Wed Oct 11 22:03:57 2006

Hi well I am just out of the hospital 9.15-26.2006 after having a bowel resection. I have also had 4 previous surgeries on my abdomen for umbilical hernias with the most recent being in Jan 05. I have lots of adhesions. In fact the surgeon had to cut through all the screen and fascia because it all grew together and matted or lumped everything together during my Jan 05 surgery. He also needed to remove 1.5 feet of large intestine as well during that. He commented to me that I was near a perforation.

Well on Sept. 16 06 I was experiencing excruciating pain, actually it was all week but wrote it off as gas. But on the 16th it became unbearable with no let up in say 4 days I decided to call my family doctor. Thankfully he recommended a trip to the hospital for tests. The first thing they did was do a CAT Scan and the on call Dr. saw that I had what appeared to be an obstruction, it was on! Fortunately I was operated on within that day and the surgeon who conducted that operation sent me in feeling very nervous after explaining to me the scope of the situation, he termed it as HIGH RISK surgery and explained that a colostomy bag may be needed if the damage was too bad. I was scared to death but told him do whatever is needed. Fortunately he was able to remove 2 feet of lower / small intestine and successfully resect the intestine. I am once again having normal BMs without strain or pain. On my 8 post op day he went to remove the JP drain and he had to actually force down on the drain site and literally PULL the JP out of my belly. I actually let out a loud hurtful moan at this action. He responded by saying that he was amazed at how fast my body produces adhesions. That scared the heck out of me. I am wondering now will there be a 6th surgery in the offing and if so can I assume that the BAG will be needed...for now I am on the mend and will use a binder for all activity and be continually quaked at because of the size and shape of my belly. Time will tell? The point is I wonder if the adhesions caused my latest surgery. I need to inquire that from my surgeon on my follow-up visit.

Feel Free to respond. Wayne

At Sat, 5 Jun 2004, candy wrote: >
>I am looking to see if anyone else out there has had injuries caused
>during adhesion surgery. I have had several surgeries in the past, some
>for adhesions and some for other abdominal issues. Everything in the
>past always seemed to be okay. Severe abdominal pain, surgery for
>adhesions and then relief for a while. This time, surgery for adhesions
>on 02/18/04, came home seemed fine. Woke up two days later, put my feet
>on the floor to out of bed, and then the contents of my small intestine
>started pouring out my umbilicus incision

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