Re: Myleogram side-effects anyone???

From: missa (
Wed Oct 11 22:02:52 2006

I had a myleogram because of compressed disk and laid down the 8 hrs like I was supposed to, didn't drink enough fluids cuz I read the directions wrong...duh. I go back to dr. in 4 days for final results but you know how they say no strenuous activity for 24 hrs, well I felt pretty good so did a load of laundry and some dishes, nothing big, the instructions they gave me said you can get "the headache or nausea" for up to 48 hrs after procedure. A little over 48 hrs afterwards I started getting this light headed thing and a dull pressure type headache and nausea like I'm pregnant (which I'm not). Anyone else having this promble? Also what is EMG, that needle part didn't agree with me and yes Jean kitty litter is

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