From: jennifer (
Fri Oct 6 11:04:53 2006

Hi All,

My name is Jenn. I haven't posted here in a while. My mom has a history of abdominal adhesions and small bowel obstructions. In the past she has had full obstructions and currently is having episodes of partial obstructions weekly. She had most of her small bowel removed in 2001 and had surgery to remove adhesions in both 2003 & 2005. She is also now having episodes of severe bloating (she looks pregnant) & constipation.

She is having to resort to taking laxatives almost daily. She has had several tests. Her ct scan showed an inflammed colon & she is scheduled to have another colonoscopy tues. Her gi doctor has also recommended that she might need to have her colon removed.

I am looking for some information on your experiences with adhesions. Do any of you have adhesions that cause bowel obstructions? When you have partial obstructions, what do you do? Do you go to the hospital every time? My mom is very discouraged and is sick of going to the hospital every week. She refuses to have the ng tube again, because of bad experiences with it. She is also terrified of having another surgery, but does not want to continue living like she is. She feels she has no quality of life. How do you cope with the daily stress of this illness? Please respond or feel free to email me. Thanks, Jenn

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